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The Fish Tank is a very traditional place run by Thai Chinese. It is a form of prostitution that is deeply rooted in Thai society and there are hundreds of similar places throughout the city. Since prostitution is prohibited and the King says it doesn't even exist, these places started out as actual massage parlors with the color of the girls' numbers referring to the kind of massage they give. The establishment shown in WHORES' GLORY is fairly upper middle class and it is in a district with many similar places. It's the type of place where local businessmen also go to have a drink or eat something. Massage parlor culture has nothing to do with the so-called sex tourism that Thailand is infamous for.

In a Bangkok establishment like the one featured in WHORES' GLORY, the workers come from all backgrounds, from model-actress types to illiterate country girls. It's good money when for the right young and pretty types. They can make a decent living and support their family. That is a very important reason for prostitution in Thailand. It is expected of these girls to help support their families. However, they tend to never admit at home what they do in their job.

It was one of those moments that you can call real documentary. Those dogs started to hump one another in front of the "High Class" massage parlor. All those dogs had been around while we were shooting there. So it was a magical moment. I think of that scene more like a painting entitled "Dogs fuck in front of brothel." There is no metaphor behind it. As Samuel Beckett said: "No symbols where none intended!"

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