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I think that God's most terrible punishment on man is religion. Women who work as prostitutes are not spared. I found that the tone of the religion set the stakes. In Thailand the relatively open-minded religious values give room for many ways of thinking. In Bangladesh it keeps people in their places with no room to move. In Mexico at least death offers a solution, but only because death is a woman. As always, contradictions occur. Although it's totally against their religion, in Bangladesh, men allow a female-dominated society inside the walls of the brothel compound. Catholicism tends to spice up sexuality with guilt. The quality of sex rises with the quantity of guilt and there is a lot of pleasure in forgiveness. Buddhists don't make such a fuss about it. Sex is like eating and drinking, a necessity and nothing to feel guilty about.

WHORES' GLORY is also a triptych inside a sort of trilogy, along with two of my previous documentaries -- MEGACITIES and WORKINGMAN'S DEATH. I think all three films are simply about life on earth. You can certainly watch these movies as three parts of a bigger scheme. My observation of three different themes; the kind of observation that undertakes not to go out into the world to see if it is as you think it might be, but rather to clean the slate and erase the disk before you go out and look at how it really is. And a trilogy can be continued. Douglas Adams proved it; he called his novel "Mostly Harmless" – the fourth part of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe trilogy.

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